Abuelo’s is a chain of more than 35 authentic Mexican restaurants throughout the Midwest, South and East parts of the country. At the beginning of the year, we began a multichannel campaign that included, PPC, display ads, remarketing ads, social media ads, and local SEO tactics. Abuelo’s decided to go with two, different agencies. They chose ASTRALCOM – and they also chose another agency, whom we will refer to as Agency X – to implement their respective strategies and tactics.

The results, from ASTRALCOM’s specific efforts, after 6-months are;

  • Lowest cost per overall campaign! 😉
  • Lowest CPC! 😉
  • Most overall users! 😉
  • Average lowest campaign bounce rate! 😉
  • Highest average e-commerce conversion rate! 😉
  • Highest average number of transactions! 😉
  • Highest overall revenue! 😉

Specifically, in PPC, Abuelo’s is enjoying a better than 28:1 return on advertising spend (ROAS) with ASTRALCOM campaigns.

To bring some perspective to it, a “good” ROAS, according to Nielsen, is considered to be 287% across most industries. That means, our results for Abuelo’s are 889.5% better than the average ROAS.

Abuelo’s had this to say about ASTRALCOM: “We’ve had 3 different agencies in the past and you are, by far, the best one!”

You deserve an ROAS that kicks @$$, too! If you’re getting anything less than a 5-to-1 return on your advertising spend, you need to contact us right now.