Henry Mancini Institute

In today’s hyper-competitive world, it was a primary concern of the Mancini Institute to further their outreach efforts and provide valuable post-curriculum services to the Mancini Institute alumni. The Mancini Institute students were from around the world and maintaining contact with the alumni and between alumni was a challenge.

ASTRALCOM was called upon to help orchestrate a student recruitment, retention and promotion platform that enables students and musicians from around the world to interact and experience each other’s career advancement and to promote themselves to the world. ASTRALCOM, in concert with Mancini Institute, developed a comprehensive virtual concert hall wherein Mancini Institute staff, students, guest artists and composers could showcase their musical talents, announce performance dates and show times, collaborate and maintain contact with other Mancini Institute staff, students, alumni and the public.

The Mancini Institute’s online presence was a customized, fully integrated CMS/CRM model that helped automate and streamline many functions within administrating and maintaining a large member-based web presence.

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