Maryvale – Health Care Provider – Non Profit Organization

Maryvale engaged ASTRALCOM to develop a series of web-related digital elements to anchor their strategic plan information that was developed via committee.

The key objective in this quick turn-around project was addressing key stakeholders in Maryvale’s mission to provide early childhood education services, before and after-school programming, outpatient mental health services, community education, and short-term transitional housing for various populations in need.

In using repurposed material from partner entities and committee participants, ASTRALCOM condensed and combined information into digital, easily digestible elements of actionable information for Maryvale’s stakeholder and user audiences.

Some of the main elements of this project were;

  • Digital Strategic Plan
  • Supporting Website Landing Pages
  • Infographics
  • Logo Refresh
  • Social Media Content Distribution
  • Email Creation

When all was said, done, and launched, Maryvale’s CEO was happy and said, “Tremendous – thank you all!! Appreciate all the work on this!”

Working with multiple collaborators, on a rapid-development project is always a challenge. But, with ASTRALCOM, it’s easy. Contact us for tremendous results on your digital information projects.