Not everyone gets the kind of access to sporting events that the press and the event workers get. These pros get behind the scenes and “in the trenches” of the event – seeing, hearing and otherwise experiencing things that general admission fans never get to experience.

The Annual Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach runs through the streets of downtown Long Beach and generates an economic impact of approximately $39 million-making it the largest paid spectator special event in Southern California. While the three-day event weekend draws over 225,000 spectators, only a select handful of individuals are allowed access to “behind-the-scenes” areas.

How do race fans get closer to the event, closer to their favorite drivers? How do fans get behind-the-scenes and experience all the “real” action? Unless you are the press or an event related vendor, you can’t—until now…

Building the Platform for Ultimate Fan Loyalty

Even before the race started, we had divided the event into specific categories and assigned team coverage to these areas. The teams were equipped with walkie-talkies, recorders, cameras and other necessary equipment. Each coverage team consisted of a “spotter” (to keep their eyes open for photo opps, celebs, and interviews, etc) and a photographer and/or sound technician (to capture the experiences of the sights and sounds of the event).

In the end, served as the perfect platform by which to bring race fans closer to the action, create new cross-promotional opportunities and increase overall fan loyalty.

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