The Seven Deadly Sins of Marketing and Advertising

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All advertising, marketing, messaging and sales professionals have faced difficult times at some point in their careers. Sometimes, these difficult circumstances are brief; like “writer’s block,” lasting only a day or two. Or, these challenges can persist for months on end. It all really depends on your perspective – regardless if these challenges are external or […]
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Look at these two screen shots demonstrating one of our homebuilder client’s campaigns. In less than 20 days, we’ve become their #3 referral source of targeted homebuyer leads. On a $500 budget! It’s truly astounding. Additionally, it serves to underscore the importance of dedicating a percentage of your ad budget for keyword search marketing. Without […]
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Recently, ASTRALCOM had the privilege of working with one our advertising agency clients, AMR Advertising in Fullerton, California. Their client, Toshiba, needed help creating a landing page with a form-to-database component for an industry-related event. Event attendees who completed a form received a personalized confirmation page with event details which they could print on command, […]
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