The Digital Journey to a New Home Purchase – Whitepaper

With 90% of home buyers searching online during their home buying journey, it makes sense for marketers to understand that process and how typical homebuyers use the internet as a way to engage with, and ultimately decide on, purchasing from a new homebuilder.

We know from research and experience that higher cost items (like a new home purchase) require more content to support a sale, than does a lower cost item. Content is king.

But what kind of content? How should it be used? When?

Our latest whitepaper serves as a roadmap for homebuilders to aid in accomplishing the following fundamental objectives;

  • Understanding the homebuyer journey.
  • Recognizing channel syntax: What channels and when?
  • Defining appropriate content: Which content goes where?

By employing the strategies and tactics noted in the document, homebuilders will develop quicker affinity and cultivate deeper engagement with homebuyers throughout the online journey to a new home purchase.

Download a FREE copy of Using Content to Connect with and Engage Homebuyers throughout the Digital Journey to a New Home Purchase here.