H&H Homes

If you’re a homebuilder, it’s likely that your conversion rate is around 1%. Somehow, that’s acceptable among builders. The reality is that most builders could be converting twice as many of their website visitors into homebuyer leads, just by making some simple tweaks to their landing pages.

A great case-in-point is the A/B experiment we did with H&H Homes. H&H knows we’re always striving for better outcomes and we proposed some on-page optimizations to one of their community landing pages. We wanted to make some tweaks to marketing language, page content and to overall page layout and then measure the impact of each adjustment, compared to the original landing page. Both the current page and the optimized version had two goal completion paths: (1) Inquiry Form completion, and (2) Contact Us form completion. When all was said and done, our optimized page delivered these following outcomes:

  1. Contact Us conversions increased by 176.2%
  2. General Inquiry conversions increased by 138.3%
  3. Bounce improved by 35.4%

In a nutshell, the small changes we made more than doubled their conversion rates and decreased their bounce rate by more than 1/3rd.

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