Margaritaville Cottages

Margaritaville Cottages Orlando tapped ASTRALCOM to create and develop a conversion landing page scenario and supporting display ad campaign for their Orlando new home cottages for sale.

“We’re excited to work with the Margaritaville team on this small project,” said Richard Bergér, VP E-Business at ASTRALCOM.

“In creating the ‘Paradise is Attainable’ campaign, we’ll be able to clearly demonstrate above-the-norm engagement and lead conversions,” added Mr. Berger.

During the creative process the Executive Director of Marketing for Margaritaville Cottages Orlando stated, “If this works, this is brilliant!!!! I believe it does and will for us.”

At the end of this single-channel campaign test, our efforts delivered the following outcomes, when compared against their agency of record on all channels;

  • 28% more traffic
  • 47% more conversions

That’s when Margaritaville said to us, “Your expertise, insights and service are far superior to what I have with our current provider. Not to mention, I enjoy working with you. Can you prepare a complete digital plan to take over in 90 days?”

That’s right! Our little adZooks! display channel experiment produced almost 1/3 more traffic and nearly 50% more conversions than the other agency delivered via all channels!

Yes, you can get these kinds of results, too. When you work with ASTRALCOM.