My Solluna

As a highly sought-after lifestyle and wellness expert and certified nutritionist to the
entertainment industry’s top celebrities,  Kimberly Snyder is all about getting results. And get results for her new website, we certainly did.

Long after the New Year’s resolution rush, is cranking away on sales of their online products. In paid search specifically, our performance for March alone is remarkable. When compared to all other channels, our campaign delivered the following KPIs:

  1. The lowest bounce rate
  2. The most pages per visit
  3. The second most time on site
  4. The highest conversion rate – a whopping 405% better than all other channels
  5. Delivered a 511% ROAS

It only goes to show that when you have a good product and can reach the right consumers, with the right calls-to-action, stellar outcomes are bound to happen.

If you’re not getting results like this from your paid search efforts, let us help you.