American West Homes

The marketing team at American West Homes was interested in trying ASTRALCOM’s targeted banner ad service – adZooks! – for a specific objective: Connecting with, engaging and driving targeted homebuyer traffic from multiple placement sources in a specific geotargeted area.

After a 30-day introductory run, the numbers are impressive: 469,498 ad views, 848 targeted referrals, from a hand-picked mix of 25 different highly favored placement sources.

“Great results!” was the response back from American West Homes.

Targeted display is such a critical component of the marketing mix and typically reaches homebuyers at different stages of the home buying journey. As such, adZooks! delivers a higher conversion rate for homebuilders.

adZooks! is a unique display advertising model because it charges a flat rate instead of the more traditional cost-per-thousand (CPM) model. This really helps our clients to budget for sales promos, long-term campaigns and is generally a more favorable price model than CPM.

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