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A Blended Approach to Digital Marketing is the Strongest Path to Success Marketers who have the experience and bandwidth know that a maximalist approach goes a long way and keeps you front of mind for both your customers and the algorithmic workings that support your online visibility. Search engine optimization, content marketing, and email marketing […]
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How to Use Data to Generate Actionable Results from User Intent. Content marketing and mapping out the customer journey are both areas that obsess digital marketers – both are complex and nuanced. However, often the insights derived from users’ thinking and intent are not directly applied to content marketing plans. A recent article dives into […]
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Is Your Business Falling Into Any of These Copywriting Traps? At ASTRALCOM, content marketing is in our DNA. To put out compelling content and tell strong stories, solid copywriting is essential. An expert panel of communications executives recently listed 16 of their most irksome copywriting issues. Here are a few of my favorites from their list to […]
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