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Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so important? When consumers search on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing you want to make sure your business comes up on the first page to ensure your consumers/clients see your business before your competitors. Astralcom provides excellent results when it comes to SEO.  We’ll create and […]
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Why did Astralcom create Localzonely? At first, it was just a tool to show our clients what we could create for their business. Then something really special happened, LocalZonely took on a life all its own. LocalZonely uses geofences technology. Basically, it’s a virtual perimeter around a participating business location. This allows businesses and destinations […]
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Uses GPS and geofence to connect shoppers with local businesses; foster micro-economic growth (Lakewood, CA – September 5, 2012) – ASTRALCOM, LLC today announced that they had launched LocalZonely – a geofence mobile app for smartphones and tablets, designed to help connect shoppers and tourists with local businesses. ASTRALCOM is a digital business solution provider that creates […]
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