Accessibility Matters – Both To Your Customers, And To SEO

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Why Accessible Websites Benefit Everyone Since 1990, the American Disabilities Act has required websites to be compliant for users with disabilities. Now, this compliance includes mobile apps. While this added compliance layer may feel like more work, the benefits are significant. Plus, compliance can save your business from a lawsuit. ADA prioritization helps everyone – not just people […]
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How Does Accessibility Fit Into Your Digital Strategy? Accessibility compliance has become a significant focus area in all corners of the internet for the past few years. Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act requires public environments to meet standards that make participation possible for people with disabilities. More and more, judges include websites in the […]
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Plaintiffs are Suing Companies of all Sizes for Accessibility Violations. The Americans with Disabilities Act has been influencing businesses for decades to ensure proper spatial amendments are made to retail stores, hotels, restaurants, and businesses of all sizes. However, a less obvious provision of the Act requires that businesses’ websites are also ADA accessible – […]
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