The Best Way to Make Your Website ADA Compliant

The Best Way to Make Your Website ADA Compliant

Why Accessible Websites Benefit Everyone

Accessible Websites

Since 1990, the American Disabilities Act has required websites to be compliant for users with disabilities. Now, this compliance includes mobile apps. While this added compliance layer may feel like more work, the benefits are significant. Plus, compliance can save your business from a lawsuit. ADA prioritization helps everyone – not just people with disabilities – and feeds directly into SEO best practices. Here are a few ADA-compliant site enhancements that come with SEO benefits:

  • Insert Tab titles tags. Title tags don’t appear on a website, but they appear on a search engine’s results page and in the browser tab. Tags help vision-impaired users who use screen readers to navigate the web and are basic guideposts for SEO that tell the algorithm what the page is all about.
  • Don’t skimp on the alt text. The more descriptive and detailed your alt text is, the better you can convey your brand’s imagery and products to disabled users. Alt text also communicates a site’s content focus to the search engine.
  • Make your designs mobile-first. Responsive web design has become table stakes for online businesses – but did you know that it is crucial for ADA compliance? Legible text that adapts to various screen sizes plus quick load times erases some of the most common difficulties visually impaired users might expect from outdated, non-responsive sites.

If your business is interested in reaping the benefits of accessible design both for ADA compliance and SEO success, partner with ASTRALCOM. We can help you integrate accessibility into your overall web strategy rather than treating it as an afterthought.


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