Are You Curious What Google Knows About Purchase Behavior?

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Dive Into Google’s Recent Research on Consumer Purchases Recently, Google put out a report analyzing how consumers behave and make purchases online. The report discusses a complicated grey area of purchase intent or purchase consideration, which sits somewhere between customers’ triggers and purchases, and reveals how and where consumers explore products. Called the “Messy Middle,” the report […]
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Cashing-in on Ongoing E-Commerce Efforts at the Most Profitable Time of Year As we peer ahead into the holiday shopping season, e-commerce shops would do well to prepare for strong content marketing campaigns, refreshing their websites to maximize search traffic. Navigate your site as a user might – is it easy to find everything you’re […]
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Ready for Ecommerce? Here’s How To Stay SEO-Savvy Selling products online is a massive undertaking. Don’t let the glossy, step-by-step nature of eCommerce platforms trick you into thinking your product will go flying off the virtual shelves immediately – it’s essential to research the best eCommerce platform for you, and from there, to dig in […]
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