Building Accessible Websites is Both Practical and Necessary

Building Accessible Websites is Both Practical and Necessary

How Does Accessibility Fit Into Your Digital Strategy?

Building Accessible Websites

Accessibility compliance has become a significant focus area in all corners of the internet for the past few years. Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act requires public environments to meet standards that make participation possible for people with disabilities. More and more, judges include websites in the sphere of public settings that need to be up to code. The result? An onslaught of legal challenges that are expensive, frustrating, and 100% avoidable. 


In fact, some law firms are engaging in predatory suing, scouring the web for sites that are not up to the ADA’s standards, and filing legal actions. While it is a good, worthwhile business decision for any marketer to make their site accessible, keep in mind that those on the suing end are not always disabled users seeking advocacy. Instead, they are often big law firms looking to make a quick buck. This trend is significant because, unscrupulous as it may be, it means legal workers are targeting non-accessible sites. If your site falls into the category, you could face thousands of dollars in penalties. 


Sites can be sued over a range of issues, from lack of keyboard accessibility to non-scalable text, blurred or low-contrast text, to a lack of labels explaining different website elements (including phone number, a company’s location, and hours). 


In addition to avoiding expensive legal mishaps, ensuring that a site is accessible comes with benefits to your users, disabled or not. When a site is audited for accessibility, chances are, the design and content improvements that are made for disabled audiences will also improve the experience of all users. 


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