A Great Cookie!

A Great Cookie!

Today, we received this big box of cookies from one of our new clients, Dr. Lucys’.

The entire team was sitting there, hard at work, but we kept peering into the box, looking at all of the yummy items within.  We tried to resist our inner cookie monsters, but finally, we all caved and grabbed the bag of chocolate chip cookies and started scarfing them down.

Wow, we thought! Dr. Lucy was right, these are just really good cookies! Healthy cookies, but delicious nonetheless. Everyone loved the right balance of crunch, sweetness and the ratio of cookie to chocolate. Again we thought, these are seriously amongst the best we’ve ever tasted. In fact, it puts most other chocolate chip cookies to shame. Now, if only we can refrain from eating the entire stash before next week’s meeting.

Give Dr.Lucys’ chocolate chip cookies a try and see for yourself.