Attention Homebuilders: Rent vs Buy – Here’s the New Math!

Attention Homebuilders: Rent vs Buy – Here’s the New Math!

Coins Around House Shows Home Savings

Common homebuilder messaging tactics typically involve leveraging competitive differentiators and/or market circumstances.

One popular messaging tactic is the “Rent vs. Buy” theme. This is especially popular given specific market economics.

Looking at this map, a “Rent vs. Buy” tactical messaging approach might be something to consider adding to your advertising arsenal. By knowing the rent vs. buy economics of the places you build, you’ll be able to create a more inspiring message that resonates better with your target audience.

Other popular messaging tactics use energy-efficiency, new vs. used, warranty and builder process elements to help create brand affinity in homebuyers’ minds.

What kinds of messaging tactics are you using to inspire homebuyers to consider your brand?

If you’d like to see how we capitalize on competitive differentiators and/or market circumstances for our other homebuilder clients like you, we’re happy to share examples – Contact us!


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