PIPSA Taps ASTRALCOM For Social Media Outreach

PIPSA Taps ASTRALCOM For Social Media Outreach

Aims at Helping Lift Awareness of PIPSA’s Green Services

PIPSA(Lakewood, CA – October 2, 2014) – ASTRALCOM, LLC today announced that they will be working with Petroleos Independientes de Panama, SA on a social media initiative.

Petroleos Independientes de Panama, SA (PIPSA) is a green company, founded in 2010 and located in Panama’s new Economic Zone at Panama Pacifico, serving the marine trade for the collection of marine dewatered oils, bilge water, and used oil for treatment, proper disposal and recycling into renewable fuels and lubricant base oils.

Due to the increasing environmental awareness and maritime treaties, marine shipping is obligated to dispose of oily water accumulation aboard vessels in an environmentally acceptable manner and in compliance with international laws. PIPSA addresses this increased environmental awareness and the regulations being instituted around the world for international shipping. PIPSA offers a cost effective choice for offloading bilge water/slops while ships are in the process of transiting the Panama Canal and before their ultimate port of destination. PIPSA’s highly trained personnel have the expertise and the environmental awareness to assure the vessel and their owners that the petroleum waste is properly handled with full accountability.

“PIPSA is very niche and has a definite unique market proposition that benefits all parties – including the environment,” said Richard Bergér, VP of E-Business at ASTRALCOM. “We’re excited to work together and help connect PIPSA with international shipping companies that could use their service.”

“We’re looking forward to working with the ASTRALCOM team on this important project,” said Anthony Misetich, President of Petroleos Independientes de Panama, SA.

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