Results: Driving Targeted Traffic To A Homebuilder Community

Results: Driving Targeted Traffic To A Homebuilder Community

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In our recent post on strategy and tactics, this client example serves as a perfect illustration of when strategy and tactics come together to create conversions – which for the client, are interested homebuyers.

The goal was to increase the amount of interested homebuyer traffic to a new home development in a desirable community, competitive among builders.

The strategy was to create a unique message that would drive demographically-targeted traffic to a new community website.

The tactics included valenced messaging across multiple channels.

The results are evident, after just 14 days. When compared to the 14 days previous, it’s phenomenal, really.


Check-out these key performance indicators (KPIs) by channel;

■ Referrals up 49%
■ Paid search traffic up 95%!
■ Display traffic up 32,900%!!!
■ Social traffic up 690%!!
■ Conversions: 4

New visits are up 80% for an overall traffic increase of more than 53%.

For some builders, every 4th conversion is a sold home. That would put this marketing effort in the 9,900% ROI bracket.

If you’re not getting results like this from your digital marketing efforts, why not start a conversation with us? You’ll be glad that you did.


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