In 2014, Facebook Served as “Home Base” for Users

In 2014, Facebook Served as “Home Base” for Users

facebook-chartThis Pew Research Center report for 2014 identifies a lot of “first” in social media:

• First time, more than half of all online adults 65 and older (56%) use Facebook. This represents 31% of all seniors.
• First time, roughly half of internet-using young adults ages 18-29 (53%) use Instagram. And half 0f all Instagram users (49%) use the site daily.
• First time, the share of internet users with college educations using LinkedIn reached 50%.

Additional insights noted were that 52% of online adults now use two or more social media sites, a significant increase from 2013. Also a significant majority of Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn users say they also use Facebook, more than any other site. Interestingly, the opposite is also true; the proportion of Facebook users who also use another site is on the rise — that is, there are more Facebook users this year who also use Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

This Pew Research Center publishes outstanding reports with excellent detail. Read this report and then check out their publications.

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