Can You Not?

Can You Not?

Girls using smartphone

You’ve probably heard your teen or tween utter some interesting uses of grammar and syntax.

It’s important to note, especially of you want to maintain a good level of two-way communication. But there is a downside to all the acronyms being used in social media, especially the ones used to describe emotions and events.

According to this article from Fay Shopen, “This mode of expression is breeding a generation that is doing two problematic things simultaneously: having overblown emotional responses to commonplace events, while also being utterly unable to express appropriate and coherent emotions.”

Ms. Shopen admits that language evolves, but it sees it evolving in the wrong direction and writes, “Now, when people write online they use a horrible pseudo-emotional language instead of expressing themselves coherently.”

What’s an advertiser and marketer to do? We’ve all seen LOL, ASOTV, WTF and BOGO creep into our everyday communications with consumers.

When in Rome, right?

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