What Kind of Content ARE Millennials Consuming?

What Kind of Content ARE Millennials Consuming?

Generation MeSo, with all the media that millennials are consuming, did you ever wonder what kinds of media are being consumed? “They’re not reading the news. If they’re reading the news, they’re reading the celebrity page. They’re consuming viral videos. You look at YouTube, it’s not President Obama’s speeches that go viral; it’s the cat that does something stupid. If you look at the general trend in the news media, it’s away from hard-hitting news and toward fun fluff,” says John McDermott at Digiday, in his article Advice From the Millennial Whisperer.

The article is great and is mostly an interview of sorts with Dr. Jean Twenge, a psychology professor at San Diego State University. Dr. Twenge has been conducting deep research on millennials way before it was even a term to describe a specific demographic. Dr. Twenge actually wrote a book, “Generation Me,” in 2006, which “Painted the picture of a cohort of overconfident narcissists ill-equipped for the crushing disappointment of adulthood.”

From a marketer’s perspective, how does one interpret all of this?

“What would be an effective strategy for marketers to reach this demographic? Dr. Twenge says that, “We’re already seeing that “you” is used much more often in marketing and advertising. It’s highly individualistic and calls out the individual person. It’s focused on “you” and “I” less than “we.”

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