62% of Millennials Say That Content Drives Their Loyalty

62% of Millennials Say That Content Drives Their Loyalty

Nearly two-thirds (62%) of millennials feel a direct correlation between content marketing and brand loyalty, according to NewsCred’s survey of 501 millennials. But what’s the problem? They are turned off by the content they’re receiving.

millennials-May-26The survey points out that while content presents an amazing opportunity for brands, they have their work cut out for them. “Millennials can call B.S. faster than any other audience. They consume copious amounts of content, but lose interest in under-10 seconds. They are identity obsessed.”

For example, the survey indicates that, “31% or millennials refuse to read content that doesn’t either entertain or educate them.” Also, “31% of millennials say they are more likely to buy if the brand delivers interesting content that teaches them something.”

The survey and the resulting data go into detail about this unique generational mindset – and how to connect with them, more effectively with content.

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