Why Your Content Marketing Plan Sucks

Why Your Content Marketing Plan Sucks

We’re not saying that YOUR content marketing plan sucks, the data says it does.

With consumers continually connected, marketers find it challenging to keep all their media channels firing like a well-oiled engine.


Due to many kinds of obstacles, frequently, marketers fall short of reaching one of the basic outcomes in content marketing – personalization. In NewsCred’s article, How to Use Content to Drive Marketing ROI, “67% of marketers identified audience identification and targeting as a top need and yet 70% of marketers said they lack a consistent or integrated content strategy.”

NewsCred’s article explains why today’s marketing professionals must start their strategies based on data and then illustrates three ways to effectively measure performance, create personalized content, and demonstrate ROI.

The article is a great read and will help you learn;

  • Why your audience might be further out of reach than you thought.
  • How to use audience trends and data to inform your marketing.
  • How to be confident your content will resonate with your audience.
  • How to use this collective data to prove the value of your marketing.

Without a solid content strategy, it will be tough to engage your consumers in deep and meaningful ways – across channels – and with mutually beneficial results.  Just click or call us at 800.536.6637 and we’ll be glad to help you create a winning content strategy.