Which Media Channel Has The Best ROI?

Which Media Channel Has The Best ROI?

This study from Webmarketing123, showed that, “many marketers still relied on “gut instinct” when determining which channels to use for marketing campaigns, as the most-used weren’t always the most-measured.”

Do Marketers Rely on Instinct Over ROI?

The study indicated that social media was one of the “biggest pain points for respondents,” stating that, “While 87% of B2B marketers used social media, just 17% were able to prove its ROI—the lowest percentage among channels used.” On the B2C side, social media is the top channel, but with only 27% able to measure ROI.

What about paid search? Well, Paid search ranked second to last for both B2C and B2B but placed, “at or near the top for return measurement.”

Interesting stuff, right?

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