The Success of Email Centers on Context

The Success of Email Centers on Context

Back in October and November of 2014, we released two posts that became quite popular. In October, we released, “Content is King. Context is Queen. Conversion is the Royal Heir.” And in November we released “Situational Search Advertising. Right Message. Right Place. Right Time.”


We just came across this post about context and email and it basically supports the findings in our two posts noted above.

“In a world where people check their emails, text messages, app alerts and social media posts all at once, marketers can no longer rely on traditional email tactics. Today’s email marketing programs must meet the needs of consumers with the right message, in the right place, at the right time.”

Download the Forrester report from Adobe to learn about delivering contextually relevant communications and “why today’s consumers ignore traditional emails — and what you can do to recapture their attention.”

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