The New Audience Of One

The New Audience Of One

SAP published an infographic and an interactive e-book related to the customer journey. Citing the journey as, “… tangible and measureable. It is not random, but eminently predictable.”


SAP’s perspective is to combine proactively and efficiently managing customer data in real-time, “… marketers can continue to lead customers through repeated, profitable relationships.” This is personalized marketing at its best. SAP’s interactive e-book, Seven Strategies to Market to an Audience of One, provides tips and best-practices on how to personalize every interaction with your consumers.

There is a lot of information about the customer journey and our post the “Path to Purchase” is a great primer. Of course we’d love for you to call us at 800.536.6637, or click to discuss how we can work together to solve your challenges and reach your goals.