3 Steps To Getting The Content Marketing Budget You Need

3 Steps To Getting The Content Marketing Budget You Need

computer-1867741_640Newscred’s Kylie Ora Lobell blogged this great post on “How To Ask Your CMO For A Content Marketing Budget.” Kylie’s post summarizes an interesting study done by IBM.

Even though – no matter where we turn these days – content marketing is part of every conversation, many brands and executives still haven’t decided on the true value of content marketing, nor where it really fits within the marketing mix.

“According to the IBM study, CMOs are primarily focusing on how to take a plethora of collected customer data and use it to generate more sales. To do this, they plan to use a variety of tools including content marketing.”

With the importance of content marketing being top-of-mind, Kylie’s post goes through three steps that will help you make a solid case for a dedicated content marketing budget, even for those that don’t see the value in it!

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