When Does the Buyer Journey Start? When Does it End?

When Does the Buyer Journey Start? When Does it End?

Customer Journey Maps and Buyer Personas. It’s what IBM’s Silverpop is calling “The Modern Tool Kit for Marketing.”

Put on your thinking cap because, while this whitepaper is full of great info, it will make you think and that’s a good thing.


It will put most marketers in the shoes of their customers and force them to think with a more customer-centric focus. Now that can’t be a bad thing, can it?

Customer journey maps aren’t a new thing and Google has done a great job of communicating that from their perspective. But it doesn’t hurt to get some view from Silverpop, either.

Here at ASTRALCOM, we’ve long believed that there is indeed a syntax to consumerism – that consumers respond to certain messaging tactics better than others.

In fact, our whitepaper from 2009, “The Genesis of the Social Intelligence Architect and the Advent of the Integrated Media Services Organization (IMSO)” speaks directly to creating customer-centric, socially intelligent pathways for consumers.

We’re always testing out new messaging tactics and theories so that our clients get the best results and so that their customers – no matter the journey nor the persona – get value at each step in the process.

Join our family of happy clients and partner-up with ASTRALCOM on your journey to success.


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