Now What Do You Do With Your Content?

Now What Do You Do With Your Content?

3-10-16Once you have your content ready to go, aside from the typical blog and social placements, where else can you get some real bang for your content marketing buck?

NewsCred offers-up this great article as a resource for paid content placement stating that, “Paid distribution is a great way for brands to quickly grow their audiences and jumpstart engagement with their content.”

And NewsCred does a good job of breaking out each source’s specifics. From demographics and reach, to unique options and distributions sources for each one, you’ll be able to effectively match your content to the right audience.

Or, ASTRALCOM can do the work for you. We’ll prepare a solid content marketing strategy that could include some of these very same sources. We’ll also create your content, optimize it and track the outcomes for you. Check out our Friendraiser program and before you know it, you’ll be making new friends (and customers) for your business.