If Captain Picard Did Social Media…

If Captain Picard Did Social Media…

1For those of you that are Star Trek TNG fans, you’ll appreciate what I am calling the Jean-Luc Picard Principle of Social Media. Even if you aren’t familiar with Captain Picard, this post will be of value to you.

Captain Picard is a no-nonsense guy who likes his Earl Grey tea hot and is often heard saying, “Engage” when he issues the command to fire-up or accelerate the USS Enterprise’s engines.

Engage, indeed.

If Captain Picard did Social Media, that would be his prime directive; to engage visitors, followers and fans. As a content developer for social media – for any content really – it should be your prime directive, too.

To that end, check out NewsCreds article on Understanding the Psychology Behind Social Media Conversions.

The article starts out by asking a question: “Your company has its social media followers, the question is, are you able to engage them enough so that they feel compelled to dig deeper and become customers?”

The article is a good overview on creating content with value, content that engages readers and inspires them to take action. You can also check out the Content Marketing Primer and the white paper on Engineering Consensus, on our website, too!

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