Google Gives the [Advertising] Power to the People

Google Gives the [Advertising] Power to the People

Google Control Over AdsNow, users can control the ads that are served to them from Google’s core sites.

Google is rolling-out a new feature for users, who are logged into their account, which will allow them “to choose their areas of interest from a list provided, as well as add new topics not included in the list.”

According to this post by Computerworld, “Users can also control the ads they see on over 2 million websites other than Google sites, which partner with the company for ads.  If the control is turned on, users will see ads based on their interests and previous sites they may have visited.

But, in this new scenario, what does Google stand to gain (or lose)?

The Computerworld article is quick to state that this new user-option, “may also be a bounty for advertisers who could get more accurate targeting.”

Google knows that personalization tactics are powerful and this is one more way that Google, its advertisers and consumers can win.

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