Surfing the Content Marketing Tidal Wave

Surfing the Content Marketing Tidal Wave

Content Marketing

Do you have any idea about how much content is being uploaded to the Internet? Check these numbers out – every minute users are:

• Uploading 72 hours of video on YouTube.
• Sending 204 million messages via email.
• Sharing 2.46 million pieces of content on Facebook.
• Tweeting 277,000 times on Twitter.
• Pinning 3,472 images on Pinterest.

With this constant, minute-by-minute flood of content, how will any of your posts, pins, tweets and videos stand out? How will you be able to use content to connect with and engage new consumers?

Not so long ago, brands were able to produce content of just about any kind and that was sufficient for most purposes. But now, content must be engaging, relevant and provide value and producing an adequate amount of this kind of content is challenging for most businesses.

Well, NewsCred offers this great post that provides 5 solid tips to help you get your content game on. Give it a read. Then, if you like that, you’ll love our Content Marketing Primer.

And when you’re ready for some top-notch content creation and marketing solutions, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.