Future Tense: At the Corner of Aspiration and Reality

Future Tense: At the Corner of Aspiration and Reality

The Art of Selling Homes That Don’t Yet Exist is a great article by Wired. In it, Jason Kehe does an interview with influential Manhattan real estate agent, Fredrik Eklund. The article is an overall great read, but for our perspective here, it all boils down to one quote from Eklund: “I always try to sell people on the next version of themselves.”


From a marketing perspective, this is a superior psychological tactic and an effective way to appeal to any client and/or prospect. That’s what Eklund does: he uses his clients’ own future-self aspirations and he designs a solution to support that outcome. In industry terms, he uses his clients’ profiles to identify and/or develop solutions for them. Eklund does his homework. He knows his clients.

Eklund also talks about technology, design and staging – which are all integral parts of the buyer journey – but the article doesn’t go into depth about how these processes are used in the course of sales and the customer experience.

At ASTRALCOM, we’re all about these pre-sale and customer affinity processes, because, at the end of the day, it’s all about your sales.

Know your client. Lift the customer experience. Increase your sales.

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