Engagement is the New Measure of Performance

Engagement is the New Measure of Performance

mobile-phone-426559_640The ongoing challenge to rank content in meaningful ways – whether in search results, or in conversation threads – continues across the media landscape. While clicks, views and reads are still important measures, engagement is the new true measure.

Engagement factors are things like comments, shares, replies and forwards. For example, this article breaks the announcement that “Twitter has added a reply counter and a ‘conversation ranking’ to its mobile apps designed to push the most relevant discussions to the top of a tweet thread.”

It makes sense, in a way, because it helps promote the content with the most social interaction. Algorithmically thinking, this ensures that more popular and socially relevant content is pushed forward.

Engagement is indeed critical and not just on Twitter. Consider that Google SEO is largely reliant on content that demonstrates engagement, too.

Creating content is one thing, and that’s where our Content Marketing Primer comes in. But, but creating content that engages and inspires audiences is another thing and you’ll want to read our post called If Captain Picard Did Social Media…

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