2 Critical Channel Tactics Every Homebuilder Should Be Using

2 Critical Channel Tactics Every Homebuilder Should Be Using

Updated March 25, 2022


Home buying season is about to kick-off! And if you’ve read our white paper on The Digital Journey to a New Home Purchase, then you already know that home buyers will be interacting with your brand through a number of different channels. How will you be turning these opportunities into leads?

Consider the following two tactics to help you connect with more targeted homebuyers, more consistently.

The Power of PPC Goes Way Beyond the First Click

Everything starts with a  search. This year, if you’re not using Customer Match and Remarketing Lists for Search Advertising (RLSA) in your paid search (PPC) efforts, you’ll be missing opportunities to convert homebuyers into leads. These two important features are largely underutilized in most campaigns. Considering that most first visits by homebuyers to a builder website focus on price, location and floor plans, opportunities to reconnect with these visitors often go unmet. These are prime opportunities to re-engage active buyers with competitive differentiating factors that add value and otherwise inspire them to action. That’s where using Search Engine Dominator from ASTRALCOM makes all the difference. Contact us for more information and/or to help you take advantage of these powerful conversion-making PPC tactics.

Why Display Ads are A Homebuilder’s Targeting Dream

Did you know that with display advertising, you can do much more than just target a specific geolocation? Yep. With adZooks! display ads from ASTRALCOM, you can target a myriad of different placements such as industry vertical, keyword/contextual, demographic, in-market audience segments, remarketing, customer email lists and yes, of course, by national, regional, local and hyperlocal geotargeting.

In other words, with adZooks!, you could target a specific region, specific demographics, multiple specific industry and/or market segment placements and specific contextual targeting. In fact, many of our homebuilder clients use adZooks! to reach specific demographic audiences in the places they spend their time online. Or, they implement an adZooks! campaign to introduce a new community and ramp-up the interest list phase of buyers. Or, to help sell more inventory homes faster. In every case, adZooks! from ASTRALCOM delivers killer KPI’s across the board. With adZooks!, you CAN be virtually everywhere at once.

These two critical components of the homebuyer journey also help assist in creating homebuyer conversions from your other channels, too. Check your website analytics to see how display and paid search channels assist with converting traffic from SEO, social media and your other active channels.

Each acquisition channel is a world unto itself; with so many layers of features and options. Indeed, it is difficult to know the full breadth – and to keep up with the evolution of – each channel. That’s why we have a pro team here at ASTRALCOM. It takes a team to deliver remarkable results. We’re  that that team. Give us a call @ 800.536.6637 and let’s do something remarkable together.

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