Here is How to Increase Your Website Lead Conversion Rates

Here is How to Increase Your Website Lead Conversion Rates


With a 450% increase in conversions, it’s no wonder that Casa Pacifica’s conversion landing page has quickly become a critical tactic in their online marketing efforts.

When comparing the newly developed conversion landing page against the previous old one, over a 3-week period earlier this year, Casa Pacific witnessed an astounding 450% increase in conversions. Now, we’re not talking big numbers here at the bottom of the funnel because that’s relative to the amount of traffic coming in at the top. Nevertheless, the fact is that the new landing page converted visitors at greater than 5x the rate of the old page.

Let’s dissect this tactic to better explain how it works.

blog-side-this-way-convosTo begin with, we know that specific kinds of purchases require specific kinds of content. We also know that the larger the purchase price (or the greater the risk involved), the more content is required to support the cultivation of that sale. Consequently, if we understand the user intent; the motivation that drives them to a product or service, we can then begin to create an intrinsic affinity with them. These are prime opportunities to leverage a brand’s competitive differentiators and sequence them into a contextual customer experience. Typically, this is accomplished in the form of a conversion landing page.

Remembering The 4 C’s – The Mechanics of a Conversion, we recall that the 3rd C is Context, or Customer Experience. Context because of where, in the buyer journey, the customer experiences specific content. This is where the proverbial rubber meets the road. For most brands, it’s also the most challenging part of the buyer journey and is reflected in a brand’s website conversion rate.

To address the challenge of context, a storyline becomes necessary. In the case of Casa Pacifica, we didn’t change what they offer to their target audience. We didn’t change the price, nor did we change its name. We simply changed how we wanted visitors to perceive and interpret the information related to what Casa Pacifica was offering. See our post Is it What You Say, Or How You Say It? In a manner of speaking, we created a storyline around Casa Pacifica’s offering that simultaneously addressed and supported the main reasons why visitors were there.

There is indeed a process for creating an effective storyline and you can read more about that in our white paper The Genesis of the Social Intelligence Architect and the Advent of the Integrated Media Services Organization.

Once an effective storyline is developed, then we apply a bit of wisdom that we talk about in our post The Mathemagical Customer Conversion Formula. Finally, we outline the critical ingredients of a proper conversion page in How to Create a Successful Conversion Page.

Viola! Now we have a killer conversion landing page!

The great results for Casa Pacifica are not a unique case. Not for us, anyway. It’s the typical outcome we deliver when we create conversion landing pages for clients. See these other great examples;

• Read how we increased conversions more than 68% for True Built Home
• Discover how we increased revenue by 84% and lifted order prices by 57% for Mastrad
• See how this conversion page helped connect with and convert patients for BHC Alhambra Hospital
• Check out how we turned energy-efficiency into an online sales tool for H&H Homes

Still, though, there is indeed a process for creating an effective storyline. We call it a socially intelligent pathway and you can read more about that in our white paper The Genesis of the Social Intelligence Architect and the Advent of the Integrated Media Services Organization.

It’s abundantly clear from research and from real-world results that, in lifting conversion rates, the magic is in the on-page engagement. In addition, conversion landing pages can help in multiple ways with SEO. They can be used to create deeper content that can be SEO’d (keyworded, tagged, interlinked, etc), they increase time on site and also increase page depth, which are critical factors of engagement that Google measures for SEO.

Here’s a closing question to consider: In order to sell more, should you simply drive more visitors to your website, or should you convert more of your visitors into sales?

Give us a call and let’s discuss it!

This article is part of the Conversion Marketing Thought Leadership Series.


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