Marketing 101: What is Taxonomy?

Marketing 101: What is Taxonomy?

iStock_000010862354Medium-21-300x199When dealing with large quantities of data, knowing how to get the most out of your information is key. To do this, you need a firm understanding of the concept of marketing taxonomy.

When you hear the term taxonomy, marketing probably isn’t the first thing to pop into your mind. We’re used to hearing the word in the sciences, particularly in biology, where animal taxonomy is a system of organizing animals into groups and subgroups such as family, class, and species. Taxonomy in marketing is a similar kind of organizational structure but used to organize societal subgroups for better data classification and more effective marketing strategies.

Working under a well-structured taxonomy helps you to implement actionable data and associate various types of content in order to influence the customer journey. Taxonomy enhances your capability to transform production, thereby building authority across a number of content environments. Moreover, it helps you to create unique experiences catered to individual consumers, an aspect which cannot be overlooked in modern online marketing.

The essence of digital marketing is the action or the click. Taxonomy helps you to add meaning and insight to each action, allowing you to observe what marketing strategies work for which people as well as allowing you to motivate consumers to engage with your content and product.

As much as a solid taxonomy can build up your business, a weak taxonomy can hold you back in many ways. Having a wide berth of unorganized or poorly structured data can lead to confusing and seemingly contradictory results, inhibiting your ability to make effective data-driven changes to your marketing strategy and potentially alienating you from consumers. Targeted ad campaigns which misunderstand their audience come off as automated and insincere and a poorly structured taxonomy schema will most often result in these kinds of impersonal and misguided ads.

The MarketingSherpa Blog has an informative post about understanding what taxonomy means in the world of marketing. ASTRALCOM has also written a brief explanation of how we structure and implement a strong taxonomic system for clients we work with when building marketing campaigns. It’s a great read to see how taxonomy directly impacts marketing campaigns.

If you’re looking to craft a meaningful and effective marketing campaign, ASTRALCOM has the skills and experience to connect you with your target audience through marketing campaigns that take advantage of all that modern ad technology has to offer. Reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help your business reach new heights.


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