Content Marketing Personalization: 4 Brands’ Winning Tactics

Content Marketing Personalization: 4 Brands’ Winning Tactics


Today’s consumers demand customized experiences and want equally personalized interactions with their favorite brands. That’s why more businesses are beginning to embrace personalized content marketing, as opposed to the traditional spray-and-pray mass marketing. Companies that have made the transition to more personalized online marketing are already seeing very positive results.

By sharing the right type of content with the right audience at the right time, you can engage more people and turn them into long-term regular customers much more effectively. When done well, with your target audience preferences in mind, content marketing personalization can generate consistent excellent results. More and more brands are now following this kind of approach as it is becoming clear that this fits the needs of the modern day savvy consumer.

A recent Accenture study found that 81% of consumers want businesses to understand their needs and know when to engage with them. According to Gartner, a large market research firm, smart content personalization engines, which are used to monitor consumer behavior, will help online businesses to see profit increases of up to 15%.

These four case studies help to show how digital personalization tactics have enhanced online marketing results for some major brand names.

1. Innovation & Testing

L’Oreal’s beauty products maximize the potential of technology to improve their products and marketing campaigns. With their innovative product offerings and the power of today’s technology, customers now enjoy having their own beauticians available 24/7. A supplementary mobile app offers further tips and suggestions with the aim of providing their customers with the best user experience possible. They have proven that digital innovation and testing can help businesses to better understand consumer behavior, which has been aided by further forays into content marketing personalization.

2. Customized Software-Based Playlist Recommendations

Digital music service provider Spotify uses personalized marketing to generate and retain subscriptions. Spotify provides their users with a recommended playlist with tracks that they have not yet played. Their app relies on the user’s listening habits and recommends songs which are tailored to their interests. The result is that users are amazed by Spotify’s ability to predict exactly what songs they love listening to, leading to improved engagement and long-term customer retention.

3. Omni-Channel Hyper-Personalization

Certain digital services are known for putting content marketing personalization at the forefront of their product offerings. For example, Rocksbox has “Recommended for You” messages that are generated from user data. The company starts by collecting user information, including their tastes and preferences. This leads to the ability to know whether a given user prefers statement jewelry or delicate pieces. Users are then encouraged to browse through their product offerings and mark their favorite items.

4. Person to Person Direct Messaging Service

Famous for its restaurant reviews and suggestions, The Infatuation has introduced a new, customized way to find exactly what a user wants. The Text Rex direct messaging service is an on-demand restaurant service that is run via SMS text messaging. With a dedicated team working continuously to reply to user messages, Text Rex is a human-driven service that has gained the interest of over 4,000 users since its launch. The company now has a treasure trove of data that they can use to improve the user experience.

By using content marketing personalization strategies to keep users connected, businesses have seen lifts in engagement from their customers resulting in bottom line increases in profits. For more information about how these brands achieved these objectives, read Anastasia Dyakovskaya’s informative article on NewsCred’s blog.

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