Plug into Generation Z Diners’ Interests

Plug into Generation Z Diners’ Interests

9-28-17We’ve heard about marketing toward millennials for years now. But how do you market toward and appeal to Generation Z?

According to recent studies, Generation Z diners tend to opt for convenient food options. They also prefer regular snacking instead of eating whole meals during the normal meal times. Generation Z also tends to prefer healthier foods, being the most nutritionally educated generation to date. However, convenience and craveability hold a lot of sway for them. For instance, although hamburgers are among their most commonly eaten, they consume them in smaller amounts than millennials. Generation Z’s often opt for pizza and chicken instead.

Generation Z is the Internet generation. While food is important, to really engage Generation Z, restaurants must be active on social media. Snappy pictures and fun content various social media platforms will take you far. Lacking an online presence will make it nearly impossible for them to so much as find your restaurant. Members of this generation rely on the Internet and social media to make informed buying decisions. They consider a strong online presence to be a sign of reliability.

For Generation Z, this means going beyond posting content, and actually engaging with consumers through social media. Large chains such as Wendy’s and Denny’s have shown the impact of engaging directly with consumers. Social media engagement can have very positive results with Generation Z. This is particularly so when the engagement feels genuine. It is best to feel like it is coming from a person rather than a corporation.

For more information on appealing to Generation Z in the food industry, read this piece. It analyzes a 2015 study on this generation’s eating habits. It provides helpful insight into what that means for marketing to this next generation.

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