How Often Should Brands Publish Content?

How Often Should Brands Publish Content?

Content Posting Frequency

One of the most difficult aspects of publishing content is knowing how often to post. To get optimum SEO results, how many times should brands be posting per week? How many blog posts, videos and social media posts are really enough? Do you need to post new content each day, or is a few times per week OK? What times of the day are best? The truth is that there is no easy answer to any of these questions.

When finding the right content flow for your company, look first at your goals and resources. Having a high quantity of posts can help to spike popularity and boost search results. Yet you may not need a flood of content to achieve your goals. Sacrificing quality for quantity will only get you so far. Quality, optimized content released on a slower schedule will always serve you well. This is likely to have better results than poorly crafted content spun out rapidly.

One key factor to understand when starting a content campaign is to be flexible. The flow you decide on at the outset may not pan out long term. With the instant nature of content delivery, always be perceptive and attuned to the results. Being able to change your strategy quickly as needed will help your message to remain relevant. You can evaluate performance using such metrics as website traffic, user engagement and conversions. This may be reflected in the form of newsletter signups or sales.

Another factor to consider is the effectiveness of your distribution strategy. In order to enhance the effectiveness of your content, make it accessible to the widest audience possible. It helps to share it on various social media platforms. If the posts are distributed poorly they won’t have the desired impact on consumers. This will be true no matter how many posts you write and how often they are published. Learn how to leverage your content distribution channels to achieve your content marketing goals.

For more information on setting up a publishing flow, along with tips from leading experts, read this article. Then, read our Content Marketing Primer to learn more about the best time of day to post content across various platforms. So much content is being posted on the internet every second of the day. Overcoming the crowd to make your campaign stand out is a tough job, but we can help you do it. Contact ASTRALCOM today and see how we can help you to build a successful content publishing campaign!