Email Marketing: Focus on Value For the Win

Email Marketing: Focus on Value For the Win


We’ve always known that there is great potential in effective email marketing. You can be sure, that of all the digital marketing channels, email has the best ROI. Yet, like any other digital marketing tool, it takes knowing how to communicate effectively within the constraints of that specific channel.

The Willow Creek Association is a faith-based organization that has been hosting a leadership summit for 25 years. This annual event is known as the Global Leadership Summit. This summit hosted just under 450,000 people from 128 countries in 2017. The Global Leadership Summit seeks to empower leaders from every walk of life to live out their full potential. The summit’s Executive Director of Digital Marketing is John Jordan. He and his team were looking to improve and optimize their marketing campaigns. By doing so they hoped to boost their numbers in terms of participation at the summit.

Jordan and his team had been used to applying old methods to drive traffic. They leveraged what they felt were best practices as well as using their own general intuition. Their main area of focus was on boosting event registration through email marketing. Landing page optimization was also an area of emphasis. Jordan and the team had never used email value proposition and testing before. Using this unique approach, event registrations increased by 66% just from email. How exactly did they employ this strategy? Below is an insight.

First, they created a sense of urgency where readers were asked to register by a certain date. Simply asking people to do this was not enough. Jordan’s team gave their audience an incentive that added value. One example of this was an offer those who registered within a week. If they did so, they would receive a free DVD by the summit’s founder. In addition, the team was trained on how to use effective content and graphical combinations. This helped substantially to get the attention of readers. Many of the strategies involved tests to see how people reacted to various campaigns compared to others. Many parameters were tested to see how people responded to the content provided.

All in all, the marketing team with The Global Leadership Summit learned a great deal about customer behavior. The above case study reveals the need to think outside the box in order to achieve optimal results.

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