Writing Amazing Headlines and Amplifying Content

Writing Amazing Headlines and Amplifying Content

neon_lights_cross_out_message_wall_white-664350Before joining BuzzSumo, Steve Rayson’s line of work was in the e-learning space, as he was starting and then selling several startup companies in this field. Now as the director of BuzzSumo, he has helped lead this organization to the powerful force in content marketing that it is today. BuzzSumo has now attracted over 390,000 freemium users, and they have approximately 3,500 companies which pay for access to their platform. Below is a summary of some of his thoughts on effective ways to create buzz through strong headlines and amplified content.

According to Rayson, great content that can attract a huge audience ideally should be comprehensive with strong research or strong opinion. Everyone agrees that quality information tends to cut through. Millions of internet users are not just interested in reading thousands of words on your landing page. There is so much content posted on millions of websites, and yours needs to stand out from the rest to attract more traffic. However, the importance of a catchy headline is often understated. A good marketer should know that a strong headline will entice and engage the audience to click and read the content. In many instances, headlines are what is shared more so than the content.

Trending topics and content will clearly tell you what different audiences and industries are resonating with. Too often, headlines are the most neglected part of any content. It’s easy for people to gloss over this without spending much time to think about it. A good use of time can be spent deliberating on good headlines before settling on the right one. Professional marketers say that a catchy headline can either make or break your content. Furthermore, your headline will determine the traffic that will click and read your post as well as share it.

Anastasia Dyakovskaya conducted an exclusive interview with Steve Rayson just before his presentation at NewsCred’s ThinkContent summit held in London this past November. Read the full Q&A on NewsCred.

Rayson recommends to never shy away from using emotional words such amazing or successful to catch the attention of your audience. Is there a clear promise in your headline? What should your audience expect when they click through to your content? Is it about unraveling a story, revealing a secret, improving their performance or something that will truly catch their attention? All of these issues and more should be taken into consideration. Furthermore, the neuroscience inherent in marketing plays a vital role.

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