Healthcare Marketing Prescriptions for 2018

Healthcare Marketing Prescriptions for 2018

heart_care_medical_care_heart_health_medicine_symbol_health_care-843297Affect, an agency that helps organizations with PR and social media specializing in healthcare was able to shortlist the top trends that are emerging this coming year. Have a look…

■ There is a need to take full advantage of social media, while not losing sight of traditional methods of advertising.

■ Content must be customized and fully tailored to the target audience, along with any promotional material.

■ Improving media relations by utilizing creative techniques can result in a stronger impact.

■ Clear facts and multiple options can help to inform and educate consumers.

■ All types of marketing in the current environment must be guided by metrics to remove the need for guesswork and to increase efficacy.

In 2018, a trend of incorporating advanced analytics into all marketing channels is becoming more prevalent. This helps to fine-tune marketing in order to develop financial metrics, harmonize marketing and increase sales. Another vital component is social media. In fact, many healthcare providers have started utilizing live video streaming through YouTube and Facebook. This is bringing a new avenue of engagement as more people are drawn to the content.

Marketers are still using email and text messages to reach their target audience. However, it is critical to draw a line to ensure that this approach is not invasive. Going forward, more and more people do not want to be interrupted by these types of campaigns. Therefore, providing high-quality information at the right time in the right doses is the best way forward.

One major takeaway is that technology and digital marketing must be incorporated into healthcare marketing in a more substantial way. Ariella Brown has an excellent piece on DM News with more details on incorporating these strategies in the healthcare marketing sector.

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