Rankbrain – 2018 Strategy Insights for SEO

Rankbrain – 2018 Strategy Insights for SEO


Bob Warfield recently summarized key strategies to adopt in 2018 for SEO to make the most out of Google’s Rankbrain algorithm. The key points are outlined below.

1. SEO from a business webpage perspective

Most SEO campaigns begin by organizing and mapping out a campaign. First, we tackle the webpage.

– Which keywords will help it rank better?
– How much traffic is the page attracting?
– How will I optimize my webpage to get more traffic from better keywords?

Some even prepare spreadsheets filled with information from Google Analytics. The problem with this is that Google does not think that way. According to Warfield, one should not start with thinking about pages. Webpages are just a destination that should come later within the path that Google follows to effectively deliver search results.

2. SEO as viewed from a keywords perspective

As people improve how they think about SEO, many shift their focus from webpages to keywords. Previously, this was often the best way to look at SEO. If you approach SEO from a keywords perspective, you would consider these elements:

– Which concepts would you like to rank?
– Which keywords are associated with the concept?
– Based on collected data, you should choose the keyword that has the highest volume.

This marketing strategy can still be effective in the modern world. You will begin to see the difference if you focus on this, rather than webpages.

3. SEO seen from an angle of intent perspective

Having multiple webpages using the same concept can be a liability under Rankbrain. Rankbrain also learns based on the way searchers behave and which keywords are going with which concepts.

Here are two examples:

– Rankbrain knows when multiple pages are targeting intent for the same content. It may penalize these pages in the rankings.
– It will recognize a great webpage when it comes to certain concepts that apply different keywords. It’s possible to rank higher by targeting exact keywords, but this can shift SEO from specifically targeting keywords to targeting concepts and focusing on high quality content.

With Rankbrain, Google has done a better job than ever before identifying a searcher’s intent based on keywords typed in which are matched with search results.

Read Warfield’s full article here.

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