A Cure for Boring Healthcare Advertising

A Cure for Boring Healthcare Advertising


It is estimated that healthcare industry spent $9.7 billion in 2015 on advertisements and marketing. This trend is replicated in many countries around the world. However, this marketing segment seems to be struggling with the most boring ads. Why is that? Some feel that a big part of it could be a result of “creative anxiety.”

Healthcare is such a serious industry where life and death are on the line. Every day healthcare professionals use unfamiliar language that sounds foreign to most us. Furthermore, their communication efforts are subject to strict compliance regulations. How can someone with a creative mind, especially in mass media, deal with such limitations? This may be why many creative people tend to gravitate to other industries.

One challenge is that brand managers and the healthcare products they sell are presented in a technical manner, rather than being relatable. Even incredibly experienced professionals in the marketing industry have fallen victim to this problem when they join the healthcare industry. They start to sound more like doctors with unusual marketing knowledge. That makes the project briefs even harder to digest. Even passing these projects to a marketer becomes a challenge.

The solution is to grasp and understand the emotional and motivational drive behind the healthcare consumer buying cycles to help in delivering information in a more creative and relatable way. It is always important to remember to consider consumer behaviors, purchasing decisions, and consumer emotions.

Understanding the way patients and healthcare professionals make decisions when it comes to purchasing can go a long way to creating effective campaigns that will lead to more audience engagement.

Carlos Machicao, CEO of Wild Pixel Media, has written a post on Forbes which details several ways to improve marketing for healthcare organizations.

Using psychology effectively can also help to overcome challenges presented by an otherwise boring platform. I recently wrote a post which addresses this issue.

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