The Role of Marketing in The American Health Care System

The Role of Marketing in The American Health Care System


Health care has become a hot topic in the United States due to its role in our society. However, according to a recent report by The Commonwealth Fund, the

The United States spends a huge amount of its budget on health compared to other high-income nations yet the country is among the lowest ranked when it comes to access, equity, administrative efficiency and health outcomes.

Most people in the U.S are expecting major changes in the healthcare system. But, can marketing help solve the issues that health care providers along with those paying for these services are attempting to address?

The short answer is, in fact, yes, according to a recent post on Forbes by Alyssa Kleinman, lead content and digital strategist for CipherHealth in New York City. During the period in time where we are today when providers of health care need to find ways engage their patients more in communication, marketers may bring the right way of thinking to deliver ongoing positive results.

It’s very difficult to ignore the current health care debate going on in the US. With the new regulations that have been introduced at three levels of government (local, state and federal), it’s quite clear that health care system is facing much-needed changes. One example of this is that instead of paying for every single piece of a patient’s care service such as therapy costs, care center costs, and visits to a doctor or hospital, now in some instances the care providers will receive a set amount of funds for the patient’s care.

These major shifts in the health care system will have numerous implications for many providers, but the key issue to look at is patient retention. This has seen many healthcare marketers making concerted efforts in the areas of public relations, branding, and awareness aimed at attracting new patients. As the shift now focuses more on value rather than volume, customer (patient) retention will be critical going forward. The solution is simple, according to Kleinman. Just stay focused on these key points:

– Engaging your audience using targeted tactics

– Understanding key insights related to your audience

– Taking an audit of your results and making necessary improvements

At the moment, marketers are using the above skills to retain customers and attract new ones and to leverage data for the purposes of improving brand consistency. Some of these tactics range from creating nice looking store layouts to the use of technology to predict consumer behavior. All of these unique and creative methods will be necessary to drive consistent results.

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