An In-depth Look At Keyword Research and SEO for 2018

An In-depth Look At Keyword Research and SEO for 2018


Content marketing has experienced a lot of changes over the last ten years. With the sudden rise of social media and the advancement of mobile phones, content marketing is now making use of new tactics, strategies, and channels that are more effective in today’s world of digital marketing.

According to Brittany Laeger, a leading contributor to Business 2 Community, when it comes to SEO, the rules have remained fairly similar since 2008. However, only a few companies seem to have taken full advantage of keyword research in driving their content strategy. She recommends these tips for more effectively improving SEO results through finding the best keywords to target with your campaigns.

1. Start by understanding your buyer personas

Try to understand your customers by taking time to interview them if you haven’t carried out buyer persona research. Spending time with them will help you to understand their goals and hot-button issues.

2. Identify the kind of keyword research tools that you need

Once you understand the keywords and popular phrases that are used by your clients, identify the tools that will provide you with this much-needed data. There are many excellent tools out there that have specific features that will help you to make smarter decisions about the keywords you’re targeting.

3. Use a variety of keywords to get more data

It’s advisable to do expanded keyword research beyond 20 phrases that are related to the core focus of your organization. Focus your research on popular questions, localized keywords, industry trends, high-level pain points, and more.

4. Use a website authority checker

For those who don’t know their website’s domain authority, this is a good time to find out. You can use tools like SEO Review Tools and Mozbar website authority checker.

5. Analyze your data and seize the opportunities

Take time to look at available data trends. This will help you to understand various terms and phrases used by your clients. Sort your keywords from the lowest to the highest difficulty and find opportunities for keywords with low competition yet with high monthly search volume.

For more great insights, has a great article by Brittany Laeger.

Effective use of Google’s Rankbrain algorithm is another way to improve SEO results, as I outlined here. ASTRALCOM has a highly experienced team of digital marketing experts who can help you to craft customized keyword strategies that deliver verifiable results. For more information, contact us today!


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