Here’s How Public Relations Can Improve SEO Results

Here’s How Public Relations Can Improve SEO Results

SEO and Public Relations

Public Relations (PR) tactics can be used optimally to boost your SEO efforts. PR strategies can work for all brands no matter the size. In fact, if you have not set aside a budget for this, you can still use the approach to get good mileage. PR helps SEO by building your brand and domain authority. It does this by promoting back-links which are commonly called inbound links. With improved brand visibility and recognition, you can reap all the benefits.

How do you get started on PR for enhanced SEO?

Start by crafting a plan of what you hope to achieve. Improved SEO will be achieved when you focus on getting coverage from websites which have authority. Do some research on the best sites that fit this profile within your niche and follow these steps:

1. Write a guest post

Many popular blogs and sites will be open to publishing guest posts. Your job is to find the most relevant platform and to write the post. Make sure to follow any stated requirements of the site for your post to be accepted. With this publication, you will draw attention to your site and content.

2. Use notable PR sites

There are many PR platforms that you can take advantage of. Here, you will find experts who will follow up on your press releases and other content that you make available.

3. Create comprehensive guides and ask publications to link to you

Posting a helpful guide can draw great interest. If your content truly provides content to their audience, then you can ask publications to link to your guide. This is referred to as the skyscraper technique, and it works very well even for the smallest businesses.

You can read more about effective PR strategies from Content marketing strategies that are non-promotional can take your SEO to another level. In fact, I dedicated an entire post to it here.

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